Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal

Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal

Our base location in the most famous Buddhist Mecca - Boudhanath Stupa in Nepal, Kathmandu. Every day we see thousands of people who come from all over the world and make Kora, walking circle around a Boudhanath Stupa, praying for all living beings.

Rudraxis Store - Tibetan & Nepali Goods

We started in 2015 as a supplier of famous energy seeds - Rudraksha & Bodhi. Now we're providing an online shopping service with various categories of goods from Asia. Most products made by hand in small Nepalese and Tibetan family factories.

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Phone: +977 9808302465

Delivery Worldwide

DHL, EMS, Gov.Post
Nepal has some post restrictions on what can be sent from the country and what is not. Therefore, I cooperated with cargo company which has established 2001 dispatch channels. So you can be sure of the safety and exact delivery time, no matter how valuable the goods are. And of course we insure all shipments.
Shipping company
Days | price for first kg
5-7 days | $24
Government Post Office (not working from 05.05.2020)
15-25 days | $19
EMS (not working from 05.05.2020)
12-18 days | $32
The secret to saving on delivery is - the heavier the bulk, the lower a cost per kilo.


The following cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, JCB. After you send us the order, we will send you back an invoice with a link to make the payment.
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Cryptocurrency Payment

All prices in our store are in US dollars, you will need to convert the final price of your total purchase from the dollar to the cryptocurrency you have chosen. At the moment, we accept payments in BTC Bitcoin, ETH Ethereum, XRP Ripple, ADA Cardana, XLM Stellar, ETC Ethereum Classic and others by request.
All pictures in catalog just a samples showing the pattern. Please check our store for available in stock collection Rudraxis Store

International Delivery - Crypto Payments

ask for WELCOME GIFT when you make first purchase in store