Double Tiger Fang Dzi Bead

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

On the bead of Dzi double tiger fang is a drawing consisting of two rows of tiger fangs. This Dzi promotes the development of spiritual strength, cleansing from evil and overcoming obstacles. Dzi bead double tiger fang is very popular because of its spiritual qualities.

Dzi Double Tiger Fang

It is believed that the Dzi bead double tiger fang is several times stronger than the Dzi bead tiger tooth due to the double-row pattern of tiger fangs on it. Due to this, she has a special spiritual power. And its owner is not only better protected from the influence of negative forces, but also copes with any difficulties on his way to his cherished goal. Dzi double tiger fang is a symbol of righteousness and a successful career. This Dzi is for leaders and all who need help in maintaining strength and intention to achieve their goal. It gives powerful energy, strong concentration and unbending determination to achieve what was intended. And protects its owner from negative influences directed both at him and his mind and intentions.

Dzi double tiger fang


Dzi Double Tiger Fang is an excellent Tibetan talisman for maintaining willpower and intention in achieving a goal. This bead is six times stronger than the Dzi tiger tooth beads. But its main qualities correspond to the Dzi tiger tooth. Therefore, for a better understanding of its action, read the article about Dzi Tiger Tooth.

Wear a double tiger fang Dzi bead to quickly achieve your goals, both on its own and in combination with other Tibetan talismans and achieve everything that you have in mind!

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