Garuda Dzi Bead

Description and specificity of Dzi bead
Dzi bead of lightning symbolizes the destruction of ignorance. Ignorance is the path of pain and suffering. Billions of creatures on Earth are plunged into the abyss of ignorance. Dzi lightning is the talisman that destroys ignorance and opens up space for knowledge.
Garuda Dzi Bead
A Dzi lightning bead will help its owner cope with the destructive consequences of the duality of this world. And also this Dzi helps to correct those aspects of the personality of its owner, which create restrictions for development, lead to stagnation, illness, depression, grief and sadness.

Symbol of lightning in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Dzi lightning destroys the clouds of ignorance and the fog of ignorance that overshadows our minds from the light of knowledge. In Hinduism, lightning is an instrument of the goddess Kali, the destructive aspect of Shiva. Kali's goal is to eradicate ignorance on Earth in all its forms. And Dzi lightning helps her with this.
In Buddhism there is a ritual object Dorje or Vajra. It means “lightning of enlightenment,” that is, a sharp change in the mind of a person, revealing the truth to him. Blows with such lightning lead to insights and lead to knowledge of the truth, to enlightenment.

Dzi bead 5 eyes with zipper

Other symbols are usually found on the Dzi lightning bead. The most common Dzi bead is a mystical knot with lightning. It is one of the forms of a bead of 5 eyes Dzi and it is often called Dzi 5 eyes with lightning.
Dzi lightning bead and mystical knot combine the power of the symbol of lightning and Dzi 5 eyes. Tibetan bead Dzi 5 eyes with lightning is a powerful talisman that helps to get everything that its owner wants. It brings lightning-fast success in various areas of life.
Dzi 5 eyes is a talisman of wealth, which helps its owner to obtain material benefits. It gives good luck in business, attracts money, attracts responsive people and contributes to making money profit from multiple sources of income. And the symbol of lightning in this Dzi helps to overcome the effects of negative forces, eliminates obstacles.
Dzi bead 5 eyes with lightning help to make a successful career, helps to increase intelligence and educational level. Possession of this Dzi brings joy and helps to achieve success in what has long been conceived and previously could not be done.


The main action of the Dzi lightning beads is the destruction of ignorance. This ignorance is manifested in many areas and in all planes of being. Everything that is bad happens to a person, all suffering and pain, comes from ignorance.
Wear this Dzi, free yourself from ignorance, acquire knowledge and your life will become easier and better. Thanks to this Dzi, the fog of ignorance and clouds of ignorance will dissipate and you will gain true knowledge, enlightenment and happiness.

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